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Well the committee meeting starts in 15 minutes. Time to put my game face on.

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Today is going to be crazy, but hopefully not as crazy as the last time I helped host an event.

I finally got around to writing the first blog post on my new website. Naturally it is about being annoyed with my writing process.

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Join us next Wednesday at 3pm CT for a Panel Discussion on the Minnesota Fusion Center, and how Fusion Centers fit into larger discussions of race, power, and police funding:

>Once a day, we fall unconscious. We are largely paralyzed, insensate, vulnerable, and we spend hours and hours having incredibly bizarre hallucinations, most of which we can't remember upon waking. That is (objectively) super weird.

I hate being physically exhausted and yet unable to sleep. going to play minetest and listen to podcasts.

This makes me feel less bad about doing temp work cleaning buildings (at least I'm not using a trash silicon valley gig economy app lol)

Its frustrating to know that even when I wake up at 4am and bust my ass I still cant wrap up my freelance work in time to hit that sweet spot in the morning (7-8ish in my experience) when you can send emails to staffers / activists and expect to hear back quickly

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@pluralistic You are prominently cited in the latest Computerphile video regarding trusting the compiler.

Welp. Bedtime. only got 5/13 of my projects advanced today, but 4 of them where on my must-do list so that feels good.

There are real world consequences to Mass Surveillance. NotPetya, (The most expensive cyberattack in history) only happened because The NSA refused to disclose the eternal blue vulnerabilities for 5 years because they wanted to use it to spy on people.

Just finished chatting with a reporter. Fairly confident I said some stuff that was wrong. Grr.

I've been talking to folks in my activism network and asking them how they find jobs in that space:
Them: "oh just use LinkedIn"
Me: "oh ok so I just need to violate several closely held privacy practices and moral principles. sure. easy."

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