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🗣 MPD is set to buy drones and we are 7 days away from the public hearing!

Council is not voting up or down so this hearing is our only chance to intervene.
It’s true many police depts across MN have drones–but they aren’t MPD.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/snsmn_/status/1560

Help us and the Safety Not Surveillance coalition launch our efforts to ban FRT in St. Paul. Join the twitter.com/TCIAMN
for a screening of Coded Bias on May 13th, and a community convo + breakout session on May 14th. rt4.mn/codedbias/

This afternoon at 6pm CT join our friends at Cryptoparty Ann Arbor for an action planning workshop on banning facial recognition!

Help us rein in the police state! Restore the Fourth Minnesota has been essential in getting important legislation passed, including Minneapolis' recent ban on face recognition tech. Donate today and get your funds matched!


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