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Electronic Frontier Alliance member @RT4MN@twitter.com is joining dozens of groups to speak to the @FTC@twitter.com about how it can protect privacy and other rights in its upcoming rule on commercial surveillance and data security. twitter.com/RT4MN/status/15654

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Tonight’s meeting details are up!

Chill night, folks who went to @defcon@twitter.com are invited to talk in a panel-style Q&A session. We’ll do some BBQ planning as well.

Will update the post but meeting space is cafe.cyberia.club/dc612 as usual.


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There is a lot people can do to protect individual privacy from the dragnet surveillance built into the modern world, but at the end of the day they should not *have* to do much of anything. Dragnet surveillance should never be the default.

ugh. further normalization of pervasive surveillance and bureaucratic overreach: using satellites to check if you have a pool: gizmodo.com/ai-taxes-france-sw

Just got confirmation that we are providing comment to FTC on Commercial Surveillance and Data Security. FTC.gov at 1pm Et sep 8th

Join us tomorrow at 5:30 for a workshop on digital self defense! RSVP here: z.umn.edu/digitalselfdefense

if you have not already, check out the public comments on mpls proposed drone policies: youtube.com/watch?v=Tisd6m0uBW\

Finally. Hopefully more students start to push back against this kind of invasive spyware.
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New: After fed judge ruled that room scans (often part of online proctoring) are unconstitutional, @chronicle@twitter.com asked legal experts what it means for colleges.

One, @ChadAaronMarlow@twitter.com, said it means the argument of "We think we need it" is "not the standard" bit.ly/3TemInT

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Anytime I get asked for a resource on what agency has what spytech, I reference the @EFF atlasofsurveillance.org. Highly suggest bookmarking it!

Drones are incredibly powerful, but they are not a panacea for personal shortages. Drones cant interview suspects or issue citations.
Not yet anyways. Tech always gets more powerful. In a few years, who knows?

It is legitimately difficult for me to contemplate a situation where MPD would *want* to use drones, but *cant*, under these policies.

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How much power will MPD have with Drones??🤔

Justifications police can use to deploy drones👇🏾

1. emergency situation involves the risk of death/bodily

2. public event heightened risk to safety of participants
or bystanders;

3. to counter the risk of a terrorist attack

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MPD Drone public hearing on Aug 24th!

We've put together an Open Letter and Petition, with our community partners--big thank you to

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This cannot be stressed enough: technology always gets more powerful, but MPD is only required to solicit feedback once.

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As tech advances rapidly–and the access police have to that tech increases the pace of legislation must keep up.
Sign the Petition and come out to the Public Hearing!

We'll keep posting and monitoring this issue till then

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🗣 MPD is set to buy drones and we are 7 days away from the public hearing!

Council is not voting up or down so this hearing is our only chance to intervene.
It’s true many police depts across MN have drones–but they aren’t MPD.

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We encourage you to sign up to speak either in person or remotely, or to email your Council Member urging them to reject the ALPR program, Agenda Item 12 at Wednesday's budget meeting. Deadline to sign up to speak, noon tomorrow. cityofaustin.formstack.com/for

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