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Of course. This could go horribly wrong, or be fantastic, or more likely somewhere in the middle.
Doing nothing is not a viable option anymore.

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In case you missed it, you can listen to the audio of our "Protesting in the Age of Mass Surveillance" pannel here:

Join us next Wednesday at 3pm CT for a Panel Discussion on the Minnesota Fusion Center, and how Fusion Centers fit into larger discussions of race, power, and police funding:

Schools should not be giving student grades and disciplinary records to police that use the information as a justification for harassment. It’s about time people pushed back against Pasco County’s targeted policing program.

We have Four More Surveillance Self Defense for protesters Scheduled, Check out to see all of our upcoming events.

The audio recording for our recent "protesting in the age of mass surveillance" panel is live on, and the video recording will be available soon as well.

Want to learn more about mass surveillance tech and how it's deployed against protestors? Join us March 11th at 3pm CST for a discussion on protesting in the age of mass surveillance. Learn more & register at:

Using Federated protocols like ActivityPub, Mastodon, and Peertube also helps fight against censorship, if not necessarily surveillance.

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One of the best ways to fight against the surveillance state is data sovereignty: owning your own data, built with Libre software that's under your control that lives on hardware you can touch.


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