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The Minnesota ACLU is holding its 2022 Volunteer Kick Session tonight at 7pm! Great place to start if you want to get engaged with the MN ACLU

Your purchase history paints an intimate portrait of your life. So why isn't there more protection for financial privacy? That's the topic of this week's How to Fix the Internet podcast episode.

When you update your software, you are no longer a “target of opportunity” for cheap attacks that try to catch people running out-of-date software.

Police in Minnesota mostly used drones for training. Though many departments justify the expenditure as being necessary in extremely dangerous situations, it’s increasingly likely we’ll see these flying spies over protests and dispatched on routine calls.

The Audio from our panel yesterday on Drones and Aerial Surveillance has been published!

Please call your Rep. TODAY (ideally, right now; the vote is this afternoon/evening), and ask them to vote YES on amendment #100, requiring warrants for FBI searches of NSA data!

House switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Petition from friends at EFF:

Only two days to go for our spring fundraising drive! Grassroots activism takes time and resources, please donate if you can!

From traffic-cams to mobile device tracking to social media spying and beyond, the urban landscape has quietly become a locus of ubiquitous surveillance, without any meaningful debate, let alone democratic oversight or consent.


Less then a week left until the end of our fundraising campaign and we are ~$4,400 short of our goal. we need your support!

Today has been a busy day, Hennepin County is holding its public hearing on the counties drone use policies at 1:30. You can read our comments here:

Target supporters of @torproject? Not on our watch: RT4MN joins with 21 organizations to to tell PayPal and its subsidiary Venmo to shape up its policies on account freezes and closures:

On June 15th Hennepin County has a public hearing on their updated Drone Polices. But currently only accepting prerecorded comments between 10-10:30 am

We encourage you to call in! You can learn more and sign up for a reminder message here:

Check out some of the perks we're offering to donors. You can use some of the same infrastructure our activist members use, if you donate a certain amount! Limited time offer! 🔥

Help us and the Safety Not Surveillance coalition launch our efforts to ban FRT in St. Paul. Join the
for a screening of Coded Bias on May 13th, and a community convo + breakout session on May 14th.

Streaming Minnesota Omnibus Public Safety Bill Conference Committee discussion.
May include some educational / wry commentary.

This afternoon at 6pm CT join our friends at Cryptoparty Ann Arbor for an action planning workshop on banning facial recognition!

Help us rein in the police state! Restore the Fourth Minnesota has been essential in getting important legislation passed, including Minneapolis' recent ban on face recognition tech. Donate today and get your funds matched!

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