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Restore The Fourth Minnesota (RT4MN) is a rapidly growing, grassroots nonprofit advocacy group working to end unconstitutional government surveillance and restore the protections of the Fourth Amendment. As a chapter we strongly believe in the fundamental values expressed by the United States Constitution. That power should be constrained by checks and balances. That individual privacy and institutional transparency are both essential for liberty and the meaningful expression of dissent. That dissent is good, and that everyone who is invested in a system should be able to freely and peaceably voice their dissent. These values are fundamentally nonpartisan and cut across the traditional left / right divide, and since our founding we have worked hard to make RT4 a welcoming place for people of all races, ethnicity, genders, ages, classes and peaceful political beliefs. With us, you’ll likely encounter many people whose views and backgrounds differ sharply from yours, and we celebrate and value the robust discussion and soul searching that comes with such diversity. As an advocacy organization that others may look to for example, its important that our values guide us and inform how we operate. Not only in the goals we seek to accomplish, but the methods and tools we use to accomplish our goals.